One of the reasons that I am very excited about the new crypto payment
methods - the idea of a ledger "block-chain" protected by cryptography
and distributed (copied) among thousands of locations is secure but it
does not support the virtual monopoly that banks have created for
Everyone can use it, independent from location, background, ... to store
and send money almost instantly to any locatoin where there is internet.

But let's get back to EV technology - I plan to increase the max
charging rate on my truck, so it can charge faster from 240V. I have
already made a J1772 compatible cable that will trick the EVSE to
deliver power and it even tells the EVSE to stop charging as soon as you
press the button on the handle. But my current charger cannot do more
than about 2kW so charging time is almost as slow on 240V as on 110. On
top of that, many J1772 EVSE are connected to 208V and at that voltage,
my charger is actually slower than when plugging into a 120V outlet.
So, I will add some power supplies modified with current limit, to act
as chargers in addition to the existing charger and these will only run
when plugging into 240V. I will keep my NEMA 5-15 plug on my vehicle, so
that I can litterally charge anywhere, greatly extending the range and
utility of my truck.


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> Have you ever been customer of a US bank?
> I was totally shocked when I came to the USA, fed my new ATM card into
> the nearest machine and was asked to pay several dollars "convenience
> fee" just to pull my money out of the machine, simply because it was
> the same bank as where I had my account.

In my book, such fees are usury, and can easily add up to
credit-card-level charges for poor people just for the privilege of
using the bank to keep their money "safe." It's a terrible social
injustice, and I have no idea how it's managed to persist.

If the same sort of thing happens with EV charging stations, what today
holds great potential for financial independence could instead turn into
yet another barrier holding the disadvantaged in place.

If anybody reading these words is in a position to slow down or stop
these kinds of practices, *now* is the time to do something about it,
before it's too late....

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