To answer your question - several times more.

Example: N drivers who switch from an avg 25 MPG car to a 50 MPG Prius
each driving 1000 miles per month, total savings: N x 20 gal

One driver with a behemoth using 8 MPG also doing 1000 miles/mo,
so using 125 gal/mo
He is using 85 gal more than when driving a 25 MPG car

To balance, 4.25 drivers of Prius converts are needed to keep fuel use
the same compared to veryong taking a 25 MPG car.

Note that the 50 MPG of the Prius is about average fuel economy in most
(non-USA) countries.

I have said before (esp if we take environmental damage into account)
the price of fuel in USA should be double what it now is. Almost all
other countries appear to be doing well with that price level and they
avoid some of the excesses (and yes - I live in USA so I would be
by rising fuel prices. Also I have lived abroad and am familiar with
European fuel prices and vehicle's fuel consumption and transportation
trade-offs. Using a car is simply too cheap in USA, that is why you
hardly find any good public transportation or non-motorized traffic). It
is more a political issues that this does not happen and since politics
are a no-no on this list AND this topic is no longer discussing EVs
other than that those are the efficient vehicles we all *want*, I
suggest to close the thread here.

Any responses in private, please.

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> As the driver of a large "puffy" vehicle and a person living
>  in the USA I can tell you that we own and operate these vehicles
> because they represent the best utility value for many.

Partly because they are not paying for the added environmental damage...
but pushing it off on the rest of us.

The tragedy of the commons:

How many ecologically minded small car drivers does there have to be to
make up for the excesses of the large ones?

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For EV drag racing discussion, please use NEDRA 

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