I had some brain storms with the placement of solar panels.  In a sedan simply 
cover the back of the back seats in panels.  Cover the dash, hood, top and 
trunk. In a fastback/hatchback like lets say an Aspire make a cover for the 
trunk out of solar panels. Virtually the whole square footage of the car can 
contain panels.  The car would still be visually safe. Not sure how much loss 
you get through windows. To get the power you need maybe a solar trailer with 
2kw of panels for a total of maybe 3kw.  Now you are talking some real power.  
Maybe enough to cruise at 25 or 30 mph and not touch the pack.  I did some 
calculations on Dave Clouds Dolphin.  It has with near 2000 pounds of batteries 
a 36kw pack.  The car he somehow got down to under 1200 pounds.  I bet if he 
simply put in a Nissan Leaf pack with  the loss of Perkuet he might get more 
than 200 mile range with the 24kw pack.  Not sure I can calculate it.  Any how 
maybe the secret of solar vehicles for us hobbyists is trailing the panels you 
need to make it work. If nothing else it gives me an idea for a solar RV.  Use 
the trailer to also house a fold able RV/cargo space.   Lawrence Rhodes 
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