Very interesting...there's a 2012 w/ 15k miles listed not far from here for 
just under $9k; Leafs look like they tend to be at least half again as much. 
Something like that belongs on a short list.



On May 10, 2015, at 9:42 AM, Danpatgal via EV <> wrote:

> Our iMiev has served us really well, and is much easier to get in and out of
> than a Leaf, which is probably a consideration for older people.  Some
> people can't get past the looks, but once you get in and drive it, you
> appreciate the spartan (easy) interface, visibility (as compared to the
> Leaf), space inside, ease of parking, and good capability.  And, used prices
> are now quite low because a lot of the lease deals made back in 2013 are
> coming due.  Low mile 2012 iMiev's are listed anywhere from $7.5 to $10k. 
> If you want to go for a new one, some people have found some amazing deals
> (one guy under $10k) after the federal and state tax credits - though
> finding new might be a little harder as Mitsubishi hasn't shipped a lot of
> 2014 or 2016 models.
> (Incidentally, I don't know of any "teething pains" on the iMiev; ther's
> been only minor recall work since we had it, I'm not aware of any heat
> related issues on the battery pack and I've heard of only a couple pack
> failures in the US.)
> You can see several people on the has a lot of
> information including several threads on buying a used iMiev.  
> Good luck!
> Dan
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