The Leafs seem to be the most reliable as a population, at least I haven't run across information to the contrary yet, while the i3, e-Golf and 500e have some teething pains, the FFE has SSN events. Is there any website with data on reliability for all/most of the electrics ?

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I don't follow your reasoning.  There are reasons not to like a lease but the 
fixed income aspect is not usually one of them.  In fact, often it's the 
opposite: people on fixed incomes like leases because they are predictable and 
the payments are (usually) lower than loan-to-buy payments.
Sorry...I realize I left out a detail obvious enough to me I didn't think to 
include it...they won't be getting a loan, no matter the vehicle; it'll be 
cash, with the largest share coming from the (presumed) insurance settlement, 
and, if need be (and it likely would) supplemented from savings from either or 
both them and me.

A quick search for a Leaf in my area (Seattle) shows several used ones for sale 
ranging from $11K and up.
That's likely the sort of thing we'd wind up looking at.

I guess what I'm asking from the advice on which models are most 
likely to be good values as used vehicles given all the other considerations -- 
hot climate, ~50 mile range, freeway capable, reliable, etc.

...and possibly as well advice on what to avoid...I seem to remember Leafs up 
to a certain year died quick deaths in the heat...?

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For EV drag racing discussion, please use NEDRA 

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