Our iMiev has served us really well, and is much easier to get in and out of
than a Leaf, which is probably a consideration for older people.  Some
people can't get past the looks, but once you get in and drive it, you
appreciate the spartan (easy) interface, visibility (as compared to the
Leaf), space inside, ease of parking, and good capability.  And, used prices
are now quite low because a lot of the lease deals made back in 2013 are
coming due.  Low mile 2012 iMiev's are listed anywhere from $7.5 to $10k. 
If you want to go for a new one, some people have found some amazing deals
(one guy under $10k) after the federal and state tax credits - though
finding new might be a little harder as Mitsubishi hasn't shipped a lot of
2014 or 2016 models.

(Incidentally, I don't know of any "teething pains" on the iMiev; ther's
been only minor recall work since we had it, I'm not aware of any heat
related issues on the battery pack and I've heard of only a couple pack
failures in the US.)

You can see several people on the www.myimiev.com/forum/ has a lot of
information including several threads on buying a used iMiev.  

Good luck!


Dan Gallagher

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