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> Ben, on the subject of L1 chargers being good enough for nearly everybody and 
> L2 being overkill, I would ask "based on what data"?

Sorry...I had in mind overnight home charging, with the assumption that the 20 
kWh you get from 12 hours @ 110V / 15A is going to be good enough for as many 
miles as nearly everybody is going to need in a day, especially given the types 
of efficiency figures we're headed towards and that Lawrence was advocating. At 
250 Wh / mile, that's 80 miles. Even at 500 Wh / mile, that's still 40 miles, 
the range that Chevy targeted for the Volt as "almost good enough for 100% 
electric for almost everybody."

Yes, there will be exceptions...but how many people regularly drive more than 
40 miles in a day, and, of those, how many are going to want to do so in an EV 
that's only doing 500 Wh / mile?

Even more important...how many people are going to want to spend lots of extra 
money on an at-home fast charger if overnight L1 charging always leaves them 
with 80 miles more in the morning than they had at the end of the day before?

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