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MICHELIN ENERGY SAVER 155/65R14 75SES2: This is the best tire I can get from 
Michelin.  Does everyone agree that it is hard to get a more efficient and 
narrow tire?  If this is so what super light rim should I use. If not is there 
a better tire to use.  Each wheel will only have to support 300 to 400 pounds. 
The car or trike will be based on these tires so the rim must be very light.  
Would Insight rims be a place to start?  I'm trying to use off the shelf parts 
so building and maintaining the vehicle will be easy.  Lawrence Rhodes

I have no info on that particular tire. But I do with the Bridgestone Potenza RE92 175/65R14 84S XL. This was the special low rolling resistance tire that came on our 2001 Prius. When I (and pretty much everyone else) changed from this tire to any other, MPG went down by 3-5 mpg.

As it happens, we just needed to replace the tires on our Prius last fall. We bought replacements of exactly this tire from NTB for just under $100 each.

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