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> If you use a open spoke wheel that allows air to go thru the wheel, it is 
> recommended to install a aluminum deflection plate about 0.125 inch thick 
> that goes between the wheel and the axil flange, to prevent the air to go 
> thru the wheel.

To save on (unsprung!) weight and expense, a fabric covering might be 
preferable. At least at one point, they were commonly available for bicycles, 
though I haven't seen as many recently. Superficially resembles a solid carbon 
disc wheel.

The basic idea would be a wire hoop the same size as the wheel and a round 
sheet of fabric stretched around it like a drum. Clips on the extremes of the 
spokes can hold the hoop in place. Depending on how the wheel is mounted to the 
axle and the like, you might also need an hole with a grommet in the center.

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