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> Virtually
> all of these 10 million jobs will be eliminated within 10-15 years, and this
> list is by no means exhaustive.

This is the big wildcard -- and not just as it relates to vehicles, electric or 

Not since the Industrial Revolution has there been such a massive shift in the 
job market...and this round of universal automation is set to make the 
Industrial Revolution look like a minor managerial restructuring.

As I recall, the transportation sector is actually the largest in America 
today, with drivers the majority of its employees. The article elsewhere claims 
that this industry will be effectively eliminated ("PricewaterhouseCoopers 
predicts that the number of vehicles on the road will be reduced by 99%, 
estimating that the fleet will fall from 245 million to just 2.4 million 
vehicles."), something I'd take with a large grain of salt...

...but even just the obsolescence of the professional driver, from taxis to 
tractor-trailers, will be monumental.

And, for once, there really isn't any realistic alternative for employment. In 
the Industrial Revolution, farm laborers could readily adapt to factory jobs. 
Factory workers were then told to find jobs in the service industry, which was 
possible but generally a step down the skill and economic ladder. But now that 
we're automating the service industry...what job, exactly, is an 
automated-out-of-existence taxi-driving ex-machinist supposed to get? Even fast 
food isn't an option; the burger joints already have far more people banging 
down the doors to work for them than they can employ.

At some point, and very soon, we as a society are going to have to come to 
grips with the fact that, for the first time in human history, there are many 
more people than there's work that needs to be done -- and, very soon, only 
enough work to keep busy a minority of the population.

Somehow or another, of necessity, we're going to have to make idleness a 
virtue. But how?

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