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> If that's the case I wonder why Nissan dropped the less than 100% requirement 
> from the newer 2014 and up vehicles?   I guess I don't understand why fully 
> charging and equalizing the cells would hurt battery life.  Maybe just a hang 
> on from the lead days :-).

Keep in mind that even though the removed the 80% charge option in the
USA in 2014, I believe that option still remains in European and
Japanese market vehicles. What isn't known, is if the chemistry in all
markets is the same or not.

Also keep in mind that Nissan still recommends against leaving the car
sit fully charged for long periods of time.

All lithium batteries will lose capacity faster when subjected to
higher temperatures or higher states of charge. So if you want to
maximize battery life, you want to keep those two variables lower.

It does seem that at least with the '11-13 LEAFs (it's too soon to
tell with the '14+ LEAFs), temperature makes a bigger difference than
SOC. Temperature related capacity loss should roughly follow Arrhenius
Equation which states that for every 10C rise in temperature, the rate
of chemical reactions (and thus capacity loss) will double.

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