These cars are a bargain because now, for the same prices as a Leaf sold for a year ago, you can get a Bolt with 200+ mile range. It doesn't matter if the Leaf battery is in mint condition, the car won't sell for the same price as a Bolt.

Beyond that, many of the used Leafs have depreciated batteries. Mine, for example, is at about 75%. I have a 2011 with 27k miles. That drops their value even more compared to a new Bolt.


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Why do you say worn out battery at 20K miles?
These cars are a bargain because people don't understand them.
My 2013 is approaching 20K miles, the battery still has 10 bars and I get 4.6 miles/KW. I live in South Florida and its hot, the AC has been on every
moment I have owned the car.
David Kerzel

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With all the used Leafs on and coming on the market, I see a potential
retrofit market available to someone entrepreneurial. These cars have
relatively low mileage, perhaps as low as 20K miles, and are hardly worn out
other than the battery.

It appears unlikely that Nissan will supply a battery replacement, other
than replacing with the original 24kwh (or maybe 30kwh).

If someone can figure out a way to put a 50-60kwh battery in the existing tray, maybe with cylindrical cells like Tesla, these cars could be resold. There are over 100,000 used leafs in the US. That may be big enough number
to setup a mass production battery plant.

Used Leafs are selling for, what, $7K - 10K. It's my assumption that the speculated 200 mile Leaf will sell for around $37K minus the federal tax credit. I would think that there would be a market for a used, upgraded to 200 mile range, Leaf and it would easily sell for $20k+. Just my guess. With
an efficient process to build a new battery, can this be profitable?


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EVLN: Low-mileage Leaf EV glut/sales-slump 2hit the U.S.> (more cheap
Nissan Says Slump In U.S. Will Hit Net
A glut of lease vehicles are hitting the used car market, and these
low-mileage ... In both markets, Nissan plans to launch a range of
vehicles, including a ...

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