On 05/18/2017 09:02 AM, Peri Hartman via EV wrote:
With all the used Leafs on and coming on the market, I see a potential
retrofit market available to someone entrepreneurial. These cars have
relatively low mileage, perhaps as low as 20K miles, and are hardly worn
out other than the battery.

When I bought my new Leaf in 2011, I expected to drive it 5-10 years, then be able to replace the battery with a cheaper, bigger, better one. I can hardly tell you how excited I was was to have a reliable, trouble free factory EV! I could work with 75+ miles of range but not much less. It turned out, my Leaf had a two year battery and Nissan convinced me to buy a Tesla. Here we are 6 years into Leaf production and there seem to be no replacement batteries in the pipeline. I'm not sure what price point is necessary to make Leaf replacement batteries viable. But, I would guess no more than $5k for a 40+kwh that is far more reliable than the OEM battery. It will probably take someone with both talent and luck to make such an offering. But, I see it as possible and do hope it happens.

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