Cor van de Water wrote:

> Remember that an EVSE has a relay interrupting the 240V supply.
> As I related before, any wire that is damaged or improperly tightened
> can burn, even if not overloaded for the spec of the wire.
> If the EVSE is not frequently used, there is the risk of corrosion of
> the relay contacts, adding to the resistance and easily causing
> overheating of the relay or even starting a fire.

Even if this were the case, it would result in the EVSE itself perhaps catching 
fire, or otherwise failing and interrupting AC power to the car's on-board 

It is difficult to imagine a scenario where the wall-mounted EVSE visible in 
the pictures could burn with such intensity as to catch a nearby vehicle on 
fire in this way.

I find it especially difficult to believe given that some of the photos clearly 
show the charge cord still attached to the vehicle, and aside for the few feet 
immediately at the car end of the cord, the cord itself appears undamaged.



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