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> A lot of people have shown an interest in discussing the origins of the
> fire here, but I haven't seen any posts yet addressing Bruce's question
> -- was this really a Smart?
> Bruce provided links that show a Smart chassis.  The burnt-out skeleton in
> the photos resembles it.  However, there are also some differences.

There are 3 (or 4?) generations of Smart ED, so no guarantee that the links 
Bruce provided show chassis that are for the same generation as the burnt 
vehicle (stated to be a 2017 Smart ED).

If you look up pictures of what an unburned 2017 ED looks like

e.g. <https://www.smartusa.com/compare-vehicles>

it is clear that the front end/grill has been redesigned to be more 
"Mini-esque", and it is not unreasonable that there might be some different 
(from prior generations) support structure behind the bodywork.

Wikipedia (<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smart_electric_drive>) has some 
pictures of various generations of Smart ED, and also states:

"The third-generation Smart electric drive was unveiled at the September 2011 
Frankfurt Motor Show.[5] Key differences with the second-generation model 
include a more powerful electric motor, which improves acceleration and top 
speed; a new lithium-ion battery pack that will allow to increase the range to 
140 kilometres (87 mi) and an option for quick-charge will be available; and 
other features include an enlarged grille opening, stylish LED daytime running 
lights, wider door sills, some minor modifications to the rear, fully automatic 
air conditioning with pollen filter and pre-air conditioning."

Given that the third generation has different front end/grill styling, wider 
door sills, and "minor modifications to the rear", it seems important to 
compare the burned vehicle remains to pictures of only same generation Smarts.



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