Looking at the instructions for the QNBBM battery balancers, they appear to be able to balance the battery pack and handle a continuous current of 6 amps. It that correct? Do I have the right model?

If I have the correct model, and they can take 6 amps, then you should be able to set your charger up to balance your pack. You need to be able to:

1) Set your charger to charge at 6 amps or less
2) Set your charger to a maximum voltage of 90 volts or so.
3) Put the whole thing on a timer.

Basically, to balance your pack, you should run your charger at some current below the 6 amps that the QNBBM balancers will handle. (or make some sort of low current charger for balancing.) Run this low current through the pack until all the cells are above 3.45 to 3.5 volts. Be careful _never_ to allow any cells to go above ~3.9 volts. You are done!

You really don't want this set up to run unattended. You likely want to put some sort of wind up timer on the circuit, because some day you will run it and forget that it is running.
Like this one:

Bill D.

On 8/7/2017 9:58 AM, Matthew Quitter via EV wrote:
Thanks Bill, sorry I'll try and give you more information.

I'm using a Zivan NG3 charger and don't have a BMS at the moment, just a
bunch of QNBBM cell balancers.

Previously I stopped the charge manually when the Curtis was saying 100%.
The Zivan also displays a charging progress and it would also be at 100%.
But lately the Curtis is saying 30% when the Zivan is showing 80% complete
and some of the cells are starting to jump up to 4V during that phase of
the charge. Whenever a cell goes over 4V I've been stopping the charge and
allowing the cell balancers to even out the pack again.

Is there anything other information I should be providing?

Thanks for your help.


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