What mods did you do to your US Electricar?
I have only modified the battery (installed 2 full Leaf packs in the original 
battery box)
but I am planning to add a separate (and higher power) charger than the Dolphin
mostly to increase efficiency and not have to run the water pump all the time 
I am charging.

Regarding the Juicebox: I am using the very first iteration of the basic 
from the Kickstarter campaign, this was the lowest cost version that you had to
assemble yourself, only the PCB came pre-populated.
I have charged  the 2016 Leaf with at at 6 kW.
The public repository of the original open-source Juicebox is at:

This has schematics as well,
Hope this helps.

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Subject: [EVDL] Does anyone have schematics for the control board in a Juicebox 
classic 40A?

I just bought a used Juicebox classic 40 amp level 2 EVSE.  All appeared to be 
great as it charges my 2017 Volt without issues.  It will also charge my S10 
conversion if I don’t turn up the power past about 4kw.  If I turn up the truck 
charger to 6kw however, the Juicebox will work for about 10 minutes, then the 
contactor drops out without any warning noises.  The Juicebox Classic edition 
has no display so there is no way to tell what is going on.  It does have a 
beeper which sounds out morse code like error conditions, but I don’t get any 
beeps and once the contactor drops, I must power down the Juicebox to get it 
working again.  I think it is getting into an illogical state which requires a 
hard reset.

I’ve contacted the support team at emotorwerks, but the version I have is from 
about 2015 and there is only one person on the support staff who is familiar at 
all with my version of the control board.  Worse yet, the document archive does 
not have schematics for the control board, which makes it very difficult to 

Does anyone have experience with this model of Juicebox or a source for the PCB 

Paul Wallace
’94 USElectricar S10 with serious upgrades 
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