I suppose the question is what didn’t I replace.  I kept the basic truck, the 
battery box, most of the motor to transmission adapter (although I had to 
rebuild it after the stainless shaft sheared off all the inner splines), and 
the transmission.

I’m using a Manzanita Micro PFC40WC (that’s water cooled).  I really don’t like 
forced air cooled vented devices under the hood.  I need to work on the cooling 
system a bit more.  I don’t think I’m flowing enough water as the charger will 
throttle back with thermal issues after about an hour on a summer day.  Works 
well in the winter.

I’ve been to the emoterwerks documents page.  I find the schematics in one of 
the directories.  Two different versions.  The PDF file is only one page of 
some of the GFCI and a bit of current limit stuff.  The real file I think is 
the .sch, but so far I tried Orcad and Altium and neither will open the file 
successfully.  Do you know which CAD tool will open the schematic file?

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