Same here, first car after moving to CA was a 2002 Prius and it still is
my wife's favorite car (daily driver).
Total fleet is 3 Prius hybrids and 2 EVs (S10 truck and Leaf)

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I've never been shy about my love of hybrids.  I'm still driving my
Honda Insight that I bought brand new in 2001.  This weekend I bought my
wife a 2016 Prius Prime Advanced.  For those that are not familiar, the
Prime is the newest Plug-in Hybrid from Toyota.  From an EV point of
view it has almost as much range as any of my DIY EVs have ever had, and
so much more to offer.  I'm still a little jealous that people can just
walk into a dealership and get everything I had to spend years of manual
labor to obtain, but not really.  I know there are those on this list
that will always be skeptical, but I think we have finally tipped the
balance and EVs are here for good... In no small part due to the success
of both Tesla and Toyota.

I could never get my wife to drive electric in something I put together
myself and not even a long range EV like the Bolt or Tesla 3 interest
her as a primary vehicle, but when I put a plug-in hybrid in  front of
her with all the latest features and seamless operation all she wants to
do is plan trips so she can drive electric only :)

The Henry fleet is now a mixture of 3 hybrids (1 -PIH) and two EVs.

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