The tires are, or should be, at the manufacturer's recommended pressure. Not sure what that is at the moment. Regardless, I find it hard to believe that would make a difference of 100% between cool and warm weather driving.

Again, the first question is about the meter: does it include all the aux or is it just traction?


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If you have tires already well pumped (~45 PSI) and nothing is dragging
then I found that tweaking the toe of the front wheels makes a lot of
in the consumption (mi/kWh) which can easily make a difference of more
than 10 miles per charge.
My first Leaf had trouble allowing me even to get 3.7 mi/kWh
and then I saw my current Leaf showing 4.9 kWh/mi so I checked the
and all I could find was that this Leaf had a slight toe-out.
I drive more freeway than the previous owner, but it still gives me
close to 4.5 mi/kWh
and the tweaked toe of my original Leaf also increased its efficiency.

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Hi Lawrence,

I've been paying attention to the kWh usage for various kinds of trips
over the last several months. In summer, with reasonably careful
driving, I could normally get better than 4 miles / kWh. Just like you
;) That was with no AC or other high aux loads. Now that we have cooler
weather, it's maxing out around 2 miles / kWh. That's with heat and
defrost on.

Do you, or anyone, know if the Leaf miles / kWh meter (lower left of
steering wheel) includes all the aux power or is it just the traction
power? If the latter, then I would hypothesize that the battery is very
sensitive to outdoor temperature. But, this seems extreme.


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Subject: Re: Re[6]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?

Starting and stopping it certainly will.  However when city driving I
accelerate to the speed limit and coast to the next stop if possible
using Regen to slow.  LR

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On Mar 5, 2017 9:45 PM, Peri Hartman <> wrote:
Temperature could be contributing, but we're not that much colder -
high 30s today. I think I'll check the brakes and see if they're
dragging. Other than that, I think you are probably better at it than
I and have better road conditions - lesser grades, longer blocks
without stops, etc. Still, it definitely made a difference for me for
city driving.


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Subject: Re: Re[4]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?

Seems temperature is an issue.  My Leaf shows 4.3 average.
Temperature here is 45 F or higher.  I also coast as much as
possible.  LR

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On Mar 5, 2017 8:51 PM, Peri Hartman <> wrote:
I tried a mostly freeway drive today, about 12 miles each way. Going

there I averaged 3.0 miles/kwh, coming back I got 3.3, the primary
difference probably being elevation change. I did my absolute best
to try to stay with 2 balls but I found it took 3 balls to maintain
about 56-57mph on the flat. Also there were some short grades where
I had to go to 6 balls to keep within 10 mph of the speed limit and
longer grades where I need 4 to stay at 50. It's an interesting
challenge and experiment. I'll have to try the same trip again
limiting to 4 balls and see how much difference there is.


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Subject: Re: Re[2]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?

It's one thing safety with too much going on.  But my eyes flutter
to the power consumption and using the two ball system isn't like
keeping an eye all the time on the miles per kwh.  I can do it and
I have gotten amazing range but when going 25 in the city I'm
always coasting up to lights.  So again no way having cruise
control on saves energy. Saves your brain. Not energy. Those micro
adjustments is what wastes energy.   Lawrence

From: Peri Hartman <>
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Subject: Re[2]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?

I'll disagree, privately. Let me explain. If you are going 25mph
and you regulate manually, you are probaby going to vary between 22

and 27 or so. It's just too hard to keep an eye on traffic and
other activities and also watch and control your speed. That much
variance, on level ground, is just not as optimal as the micro
adjustments the cruise control will do to maintain almost exactly
25. If you are in a stop & go situation or on substantial hills,
then allowing a drop to 20 uphill and some excess downhill will be
more efficient manually, yes.

If you didn't care about maintaining a constant speed, then I think

your most optimal travel would be at a fixed power level. But that
just isn't realistic driving in most situations.

Anyway, I understand your point. I hope you understand mine.


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Subject: Re: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?

>No.  Yes you have to keep thinking but you will be better able to

>adjust to terrain than the cruise control because it doesn't
adjust to
>miles per kwh just miles per hour.  Lawrence...why don't they
>kwh per mile control...Rhodes..would that be a smart cruise
>control...does such a thing exist?
>Also, for example, if you are in a 25mph zone and need to be
>about your speed, it's true that the cruise control will mostly
>be drawing power or in regen. But if you need to go 25mph in a
>reasonably flat area, I wager it will do a better job of
>power use that you will.

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