If you have tires already well pumped (~45 PSI) and nothing is dragging
then I found that tweaking the toe of the front wheels makes a lot of
in the consumption (mi/kWh) which can easily make a difference of more
than 10 miles per charge.
My first Leaf had trouble allowing me even to get 3.7 mi/kWh
and then I saw my current Leaf showing 4.9 kWh/mi so I checked the
and all I could find was that this Leaf had a slight toe-out.
I drive more freeway than the previous owner, but it still gives me
close to 4.5 mi/kWh
and the tweaked toe of my original Leaf also increased its efficiency.

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Hi Lawrence,

I've been paying attention to the kWh usage for various kinds of trips
over the last several months. In summer, with reasonably careful
driving, I could normally get better than 4 miles / kWh. Just like you
;) That was with no AC or other high aux loads. Now that we have cooler
weather, it's maxing out around 2 miles / kWh. That's with heat and
defrost on.

Do you, or anyone, know if the Leaf miles / kWh meter (lower left of
steering wheel) includes all the aux power or is it just the traction
power? If the latter, then I would hypothesize that the battery is very
sensitive to outdoor temperature. But, this seems extreme.


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>Starting and stopping it certainly will.  However when city driving I 
>accelerate to the speed limit and coast to the next stop if possible 
>using Regen to slow.  LR
>Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device
>On Mar 5, 2017 9:45 PM, Peri Hartman <> wrote:
>>Temperature could be contributing, but we're not that much colder - 
>>high 30s today. I think I'll check the brakes and see if they're 
>>dragging. Other than that, I think you are probably better at it than 
>>I and have better road conditions - lesser grades, longer blocks 
>>without stops, etc. Still, it definitely made a difference for me for 
>>city driving.
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>>Subject: Re: Re[4]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?
>>>Seems temperature is an issue.  My Leaf shows 4.3 average. 
>>>Temperature here is 45 F or higher.  I also coast as much as 
>>>possible.  LR
>>>Sent from my MetroPCS 4G LTE Android device
>>>On Mar 5, 2017 8:51 PM, Peri Hartman <> wrote:
>>>>I tried a mostly freeway drive today, about 12 miles each way. Going

>>>>there I averaged 3.0 miles/kwh, coming back I got 3.3, the primary 
>>>>difference probably being elevation change. I did my absolute best 
>>>>to try to stay with 2 balls but I found it took 3 balls to maintain 
>>>>about 56-57mph on the flat. Also there were some short grades where 
>>>>I had to go to 6 balls to keep within 10 mph of the speed limit and 
>>>>longer grades where I need 4 to stay at 50. It's an interesting 
>>>>challenge and experiment. I'll have to try the same trip again 
>>>>limiting to 4 balls and see how much difference there is.
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>>>>From: "Lawrence Rhodes" <>
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>>>>Subject: Re: Re[2]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?
>>>>>It's one thing safety with too much going on.  But my eyes flutter 
>>>>>to the power consumption and using the two ball system isn't like 
>>>>>keeping an eye all the time on the miles per kwh.  I can do it and 
>>>>>I have gotten amazing range but when going 25 in the city I'm 
>>>>>always coasting up to lights.  So again no way having cruise 
>>>>>control on saves energy. Saves your brain.  Not energy. Those micro
>>>>>adjustments is what wastes energy.   Lawrence
>>>>>From: Peri Hartman <>
>>>>>To: Lawrence Rhodes <>
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>>>>>Subject: Re[2]: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?
>>>>>I'll disagree, privately. Let me explain. If you are going 25mph 
>>>>>and you regulate manually, you are probaby going to vary between 22

>>>>>and 27 or so. It's just too hard to keep an eye on traffic and 
>>>>>other activities and also watch and control your speed. That much 
>>>>>variance, on level ground, is just not as optimal as the micro 
>>>>>adjustments the cruise control will do to maintain almost exactly 
>>>>>25. If you are in a stop & go situation or on substantial hills, 
>>>>>then allowing a drop to 20 uphill and some excess downhill will be 
>>>>>more efficient manually, yes.
>>>>>If you didn't care about maintaining a constant speed, then I think

>>>>>your most optimal travel would be at a fixed power level. But that 
>>>>>just isn't realistic driving in most situations.
>>>>>Anyway, I understand your point. I hope you understand mine.
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>>>>>Subject: Re: [EVDL] Leaf recommendations?
>>>>> >No.  Yes you have to keep thinking but you will be better able to

>>>>> >adjust to terrain than the cruise control because it doesn't
>>>>>adjust to
>>>>> >miles per kwh just miles per hour.  Lawrence...why don't they 
>>>>> >make
>>>>> >kwh per mile control...Rhodes..would that be a smart cruise 
>>>>> >control...does such a thing exist?
>>>>> >Also, for example, if you are in a 25mph zone and need to be
>>>>> >about your speed, it's true that the cruise control will mostly
>>>>> >be drawing power or in regen. But if you need to go 25mph in a 
>>>>> >reasonably flat area, I wager it will do a better job of
>>>>> >power use that you will.
>>>>> >
>>>>> >Peri
>>>>> >
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