Here's what my local expert says:

"Go take a look at the Smart Club of America forums because this has been 
discussed and Mercedes Benz is not only turning off that program but they have 
no interest in going after the vehicles that came off lease. In fact the legal 
responsibility is on whoever bought the vehicle at auction they signed the 
paperwork and they're the ones that are on the hook for it, if it's changed 
hands at a couple dealerships you got nothing to worry about. I want to say 
yours the battery was bought out right because the guy who originally owned it 
lived in Sanford and that's why it's got such high mileage"

I will check out the forums when I have a chance.

No, it does not have a way to shut it off remotely. I suppose they could try to 
keep the car if I took it in for service, but I don't think they would have any 
legal grounds, since I have no contract with them.


> On October 24, 2017 at 4:52 PM Mark Hanson <> wrote:
> Hi Bill
> When I called smart 2 years ago they said that they track used cars and force 
> the new owner to either pay an additional $5k or about $99 battery payments. 
> How did you get around that?  Did they change their policy?
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