Cor van de Water wrote:

> LED prices are much more competitive than you put in your calculation.
> Almost every LED that I see can be had for $5 or less.
> Best selling on Amazon is a good quality, non-dimming LED for $1.39 when
> you buy a 16 pack ($22.22 for the pack)

It was not my goal to try to shop for the best price for each type of bulb, but 
to use apples-to-apples in the sense that both bulbs being compared were from 
the same vendor (and were the same brand), so that even if the prices are not 
the best, they should both be similarly inflated.

I compared dimmable LED bulbs, which are a bit more costly than non-dimmables, 
since the halogen bulbs are dimmable, and so a non-dimmable LED bulb would be 
an unfair comparison as it could not be used to replace a halogen bulb in all 

Robert Bruninga wrote:

> >  halogen  $31.94/12;
> >  LED $107.88/12.
> That's $9 each!
> Wow, not at my home depot.
> 60W(eq) LEDs in a package of 4 only cost $8 or $2 each at my home depot
> 75W(eq) maybe cost $3 each?
> This is a routine price, not a "sale"...
> But I think the utilities subsidize them somewhat.

Bear in mind that the prices I quoted are in Canadian dollars, and so will 
appear higher than US prices due to the exchange rate.  As I state above, the 
LEDs I chose to compare are dimmable ones, and so not necessarily the cheapest 
one can find.

Don't get too hung up on the exact numbers; the salient point here is that LEDs 
cost at least a bit more than the CFL or incandescent bulb you replace, and so 
it takes a while before they save enough energy to recover the initial purchase 
cost.  Only after that are the energy savings realised in a financial way.

Clearly, using the LEDs saves *energy* that then becomes available for the EV 
to use, but how much *money* is saved will depend upon the type of bulb 
replaced, the particular LED bulb used to replace it, how the bulb is used, and 
how long the bulb lasts before needing to be replaced again.  This just makes 
it difficult to communicate the advantage in a simple financial savings way, 
which is easier for most people to understand.



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