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> Would it expedite the cooling if fire departments had sacks of crushed
> ice they could throw on the battery as the flames die, to prevent
> flaring up?

Probably not.  If you assume they can maintain typical freezer temperature
of -10 °F, that's still only ~80 °F away from ambient temperature.  That's
not much of a help when you're trying to cool things heated by flames in
the 1000s of degrees.  Furthermore, if you dumped enough crushed ice so it
wouldn't immediately flash into steam, it would restrict the flow of
water.  The main benefit of using a fire hose is that there's a constant
flow of water to carry the heat away.  (Assuming you can get water to the
heat source.)  You just need to do it long enough to cool everything to
below ignition temp.  That might mean until there is not enough capacity
left in the battery to heat up from a short circuit caused by munched
and/or torn metal....


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