Would it expedite the cooling if fire departments had sacks of crushed ice they could throw on the battery as the flames die, to prevent flaring up?

On 2/16/2019 4:15 AM, paul dove wrote:
The main point is that a lithium battery fire is a chemical fire supplying its 
own oxygen so it can’t be smothered. One must remove the heat and bring the 
temperature of the the battery below the thermal run away point. I watched 
videos of firemen trying to douse a lithium battery fire and it keeps flaring 
up because the turn off the hose when the fire goes out before they have 
sufficiently cooled the battery

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On Feb 15, 2019, at 9:46 PM, Gail Lucas via EV <ev@lists.evdl.org> wrote:

I thought of this too when Ron, a volunteer firefighter on our list, found the 
information could be useful to him in his work.

Also, it would be good for anyone driving vehicles with lithium batteries to 
know to look for a hose instead of grabbing their fire extinguisher.

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