It was 1992 and it’s called the US Advanced Battery Consortium.

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> David said> ... Ovshinsky's cashing out to GM ... <
> ... Ovshinsky ... decision to sell to GM had been naive ...
> Long before the internet
> I would read through tons of paper media on Ovshinsky's efforts to make
> Ovonic (NiMH baterry) a success.
> I differ from Willie, IMO, ALL automakers & oil/fossil were in cahoots to
> maintain their incessant ice profit orgy (not just GM, though they are the
> worst).
> (section of Willie's page link)
> ... Ovshinsky stated that in the early 1990s, the auto industry created the
> US Auto Battery Consortium (USABC) to stifle the development of electric
> vehicle technology by preventing the dissemination of knowledge about
> Ovshinky's battery-related patents to the public through the California Air
> Resources Board (CARB).
> According to Ovshinsky, the auto industry falsely suggested that NiMH
> technology was not yet ready for widespread use in road cars. Members of the
> USABC, including General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler, threatened to take
> legal action against Ovshinsky if he continued to promote NiMH's potential
> for use in BEVs, and if he continued to lend test batteries to Solectria, a
> start-up electric vehicle maker that was not part of the USABC. The Big
> Three car companies argued that his behavior violated their exclusive rights
> to the battery technology, because they had matched a federal government
> grant given to Ovonics to develop NiMH technology. Critics argue that the
> Big Three were more interested in convincing CARB members that electric
> vehicles were not technologically and commercially viable.
> In 1994, General Motors acquired a controlling interest in Ovonics's battery
> development and manufacture, including patents controlling the manufacture
> of large NiMH batteries. The original intent of the equity alliance was to
> develop NiMH batteries for GM's EV1 BEV. Sales of GM-Ovonics batteries were
> later taken over by GM manager and critic of CARB John Williams, leading
> Ovshinsky to wonder whether his decision to sell to GM had been naive. The
> EV1 program was shut down by GM before the new NiMH battery could be
> commercialized, despite field tests that indicated the Ovonics battery
> extended the EV1's range to over 150 miles ...
> Darryl cynicism is warranted. Though we (the public) can't do much about it,
> we should keep our eye of those fat-profit-takers, and scream bloody murder
> (on the internet) when they step out of line.
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