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That's a scary thought. I don't see it happening though. And I think the
reason lies in the balance between home charging and public EVSE
charging. As long as there are enough people home charging, they won't
be complacent to demands by power company lawyers.

But I think there will also be a significant number - maybe 50% - of
people who will use public EVSEs. These would include people taking road
trips or extra long day excursions. But also includes people who cannot
charge at home. More and more people are moving from farm to suburbs and
from suburbs to cities. Many live in places without dedicated parking or
any private parking at all. If they own a car, they will use public
charging. Also, as ride sharing (through companies like uber or car2go)
increases, so will the need for fast charging at public EVSEs. I
maintain that there will be significant demand.

I *hope* it won't happen. But I also fear that it can.

Right now, a negligible number of people drive EVs. The public at large still considers them golf carts, or rich yuppie toys. The media is already plagued with fear-mongering stories about EV fires and crashes. There are plenty of astro-turf groups claiming that EV mandates are "raising our taxes and costing us money". So it is easy to 'sell' these people on plans to make these EV freaks pay more, and restrict their use.

We've already seen laws that add extra fees to license EVs. The NEC (National Electric Code in the US) already has a section added to place serious restrictions on home EV charging equipment (it's why auto company EVs all have that J1772 plug instead of some standard AC receptacle). We already have public EVSE companies that charge huge fees per KWH. We've already had utilities add special fees and requirements for EV charging.

Sooner or later, EV owners will *have* to get organized. We have to start lobbying for fair laws and regulations. Otherwise, the other side is going to slowly box us into a corner and legislate us out of the picture.

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger, more complex, and more
violent. It takes a touch of genius, and a lot of courage, to move
in the opposite direction. -- Albert Einstein
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