Here is an article has some info on restoring LiPo cells. Batteries tend to
exhibit increased internal resistance as voltages fall. The article
empasizes that restoration doesn't mean the cells will be like new. They
may have lost capacity and may have increased self discharge rates, but may
also be useable again.

Do the charging in a fire safe area.

In short, charge the cells very slowly (suggested 1/20 to 1/10 C rate) and
monitor them continuously for bloating or heat buildup, at least until they
get back into normal voltage ranges.

At normal voltages, a standard lithium charger should work, just keep the C
rates low while charge levels come back up.

Once charged, you'll be able to assess damage by doing capacity and
discharge rate checks. This data is useful for identifying acceptable
future charging C rates as cell characteristics may have changed from their
original values.

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>  I bought a pack or lihium ion of cells and they arived pretty much dead.
> like 0 or .25 each cell.
> I used 306b nicad setting to bring them up to  3.00,  then swtiched to
> lipo to charge to 3.70 .
> someone told me that charging theses cells could be dangerous, because the
> dendrits could lead dangerous overheating. theses battery i think where
> used for like a bus or something. theses are from
> theses cells can do 10c so i'm rather concrned.  I wish I knew that
> manufacuter or specs or more about the cells property.
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