Bill Dube ->  Do you mean the solvent is flammable?  Ugg....That could be a big 
problem.   Do you know what is used?   

Lee Hart ->  I'm sure that would add to the difficulty, but still ....I would 
think anything that makes the battery "less" of a batteryand more of a chunk of 
plastic and foil is a good thing even if it doesn't work perfectly.

Just blue-sky'ing....what if either the solvent or battery separator could 
change state?   For example, for the sake of discussion, 
suppose the separator "melted" at a low enough temp to change from porous to 
relatively nonporous?  Or perhaps even somethingcould "poison" the electrolyte 
in a heat sensitive thing that might release some other salt.

   On Monday, June 22, 2020, 9:58:33 AM PDT, Lee Hart via EV 
<> wrote:  
 Bill Dube via EV wrote:
> This would work for lead acid, where the electrolyte is water based, but
> li-ion cells have an organic solvent based electrolyte.

An additional problem is that the electrolyte is mostly held in the 
separators between the plates. Depending on the specific type of 
battery, little or none of it would flow out if you made a hole in the 

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