Hi All,

I have a conversion that used to run a 144v battery (45 x TS 160AH cells).

I have replaced the battery with a 96v nominal battery (32 x CALB CA 130Ah 
cells) and the DC-DC (IOTA DLS-55) seems to be low on output voltage, due to 
the input voltage being below 130vdc.

I can boost the output voltage by putting the dual voltage plug in, and the 
dc-dc is always on, so I can get away with the new output voltage (currently 
11v when the 96v battery is flat to 13v when the 96v battery is on charge, or 
+0.6v with the dual voltage plug in place).

Has anyone run an IOTA at 96v long term? Did it last? Or am I better off just 
swapping it out with a 96v dc-dc?

Also, does anyone have one of the dual voltage plugs spare (described here: 
https://www.iotaengineering.com/pplib/dlsmanl.pdf illustration 3)

Thanks in advance,

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