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Hi All,

I have a conversion that used to run a 144v battery (45 x TS 160AH

I have replaced the battery with a 96v nominal battery (32 x CALB CA
130Ah cells) and the DC-DC (IOTA DLS-55) seems to be low on output
voltage, due to the input voltage being below 130vdc.

I can boost the output voltage by putting the dual voltage plug in,
and the dc-dc is always on, so I can get away with the new output
voltage (currently 11v when the 96v battery is flat to 13v when the
96v battery is on charge, or +0.6v with the dual voltage plug in

Has anyone run an IOTA at 96v long term? Did it last? Or am I better
off just swapping it out with a 96v dc-dc?

I'm not sure about the DLS-55, but if it is similar to the DLS-45, I think you'll have trouble with it. I have done quite a bit of work tracing out the circuit and fixing the DLS-45's so they work long-term as DC/DC converters.

These units are of course designed as AC power supplies; not DC/DC converters. The nominal AC input is 108-132vac, which is internally rectified to 150-185vdc. This is what powers the actual DC/DC converter inside.

96vdc into a 150vdc minimum converter is *way* too low for proper operation. Even at 120vdc, I saw failures of the bridge rectifier, switching MOSFETs, and snubber resistor on the MOSFETs. The lower the input voltage, the higher the input current goes in an attempt to compensate. These parts do not have an adequate safety margin; and so fail.

It might be possible to change enough parts to make it work. But if you aren't an experienced electronics technician, I don't think it would be practical.

Also, does anyone have one of the dual voltage plugs spare (described
here: illustration

Sorry; I can't help you there.

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