I've seen them used mostly in buses for short term regen purposes (they can absorb lots of power very quickly from a heavy vehicle stopping, and then release it back out to accelerate back up to speed....more so than a battery pack....)


On 6/25/20 2:10 PM, Lee Hart via EV wrote:
A surplus house I occasionally buy from is offering these 2600 farad 2.6v "boostcaps" for $36.


They claim they are used in "electric cars, trains, electric streetcars, satellites, truck engines, etc." and that they have a retail price of $80 each.

Frankly, I've never seen a capacitor like this used in such applications. So I'm curious; has anyone else? I can imagine 6 of them being used in series to replace a 12v battery, but at over $200 that hardly seems practical.

Lee Hart

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