Setting up a shop isn't a big deal...but who will do fulfillment? I thought
the idea discussed at the conference/sprint was to avoid anyone in
particular doing outsource that part (in which case,
GetPaid won't be much use).


On Tue, Oct 14, 2008 at 5:41 PM, Nate Aune <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> If you were at the Plone conference last week you probably noticed the
> awesome swag that Sixfeetup was giving away:
> - Plone bumper stickers
> - Plone logo stickers
> - Buildout Quick Reference Cards
> - Plone bottle openers
> Buy them at and Sixfeetup will donate 50% to
> the Plone Foundation.
> I think we should set up a site where people could buy
> Plone t-shirts and other stuff to show their support for Plone. I know
> Gabrielle (from Sixfeetup) is also keen to do this. Jonah Bossewitch
> (cc'ed) set up a Cafepress store a couple years ago
> ( but these products are using the
> old logo and there's been some question as to the quality of the
> merchandise sold on Cafepress.
> Look at what other open source CMSes are doing:
> Chris - could we set up a PloneGetPaid shop at to sell
> this stuff?  All proceeds could go to the Plone foundation which could
> then be used to spend on marketing efforts.
> Let me know who else is interested in this idea. And add your name to
> this wiki page:
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