On 14 Oct 2008, at 23:41, Nate Aune wrote:

Chris - could we set up a PloneGetPaid shop at shop.plone.org to sell
this stuff?  All proceeds could go to the Plone foundation which could
then be used to spend on marketing efforts.

A few points:

The "Plone Shop" should be done under the name of the Foundation and the benefits go to the Foundation.

In the past, I didn't promote the "Cafepress" Plone items because it was unclear who would benefit from the sales.

All this work can be outsourced. It may be interesting to investigate what other Foundations or Communities are doing. For example, Ubuntu has an efficient system:
In the past Ubuntu was using Cafe Express. There may be alternatives.

Do they ship at low expenses in Europe, US and World?

I would like to know more about this, and evaluate the costs/ requirements to include some PloneGov products in the store.


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