On Oct 20, 2008, at 6:38 PM, Nate Aune wrote:

Jon Stahl (cc'ed) has used Surveymonkey.com in the past to conduct
surveys, mostly around the Plone conference 2006 in Seattle. I've also
used this service and found it to be quite good. We could come up with
some different surveys to gather statistics about things we would like
to know about the Plone community. Maybe we could offer a prize to one
lucky survey responder, and get sponsors to give something away to
encourage people to fill out the survey. For example, Packt Publishing
could donate a Plone book.

Is there a reason why we wouldn't try to use Plone Survey instead of some crummy PHP app? ;-) UW Oshkosh has been using Plone Survey successfully for some time now. Dog food, etc.


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