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Who would like to volunteer to make these calls to validate the
numbers? At the marketing session at the sprint, we also discussed
asking Plone vendors also if they would be willing to be the press
contact for their particular country/region/language. So we could kill
two birds with one stone when making these phone calls.

I could take this on. Lets just figure out exactly what info we need
and I can make the calls. Coming up with a script seems cheesy but
it'd be easier if we make sure we ask the same exact questions and can
record data accordingly.

[been out of office yesterday, will respond to other emails today on this]

I was chatting to David Shaipro @Pilot at the conference about getting further info from what is on plone.net and yes we thought phone calls would be the best way to validate the info. There are ~200 companies on plone.net. Would also be a good chance to plug the plone.net sponsorship plan too. So maybe we wait until they are in place. Between us 200 people would not be too much of an issue. David's company have French and German covered, we can do English, and if we can get someone to do Spanish then I think that would probabaly cover the vast majority of the list.

Just at the end of the sprint we setup an openplans project to co- ordinate this. It is a private group, mainly as we might be discussing sensitive information on here.



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