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     >From the results piling in at
    looks like 835 attendees were reported at 33 venues.  Extrapolating
    to the
    60 pre-registered venues, we may have had over 1500 attendees
    Brasilia, Brazil is still top of the chart with 128 attendees.

I'll be sending out an email to all the WPD organizers who have not yet filled out the form at

For future WPD data collection, we might want to provide a form similar to what was requested after the Software Freedom Day event.

Great. I just updated the argentinian ones.

We could also make a "planet" page that aggregates all blog posts about the WPD. I think someone already tried to make something like this with Yahoo Pipes. See the Software Freedom Day planet page:

Software Freedom Day is a very good model to follow, they've a couple of years of experience.

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