Matt Hamilton wrote:
> ...
> So is this a good thing? What does it mean to the Plone community? Are  
> there companies out there that say something like 'We normally use  
> Vignette, but in this smaller case we will use Plone'?
> At the moment I think we are often trying to pitch against the big  
> boys saying our system can do everything they can. But maybe the  
> message that Umbraco is using is 'we are lighter/smaller/quicker/ 
> cheaper etc' than the big boys. I know in reality Plone can/does use  
> both messages.
> What are your thoughts? I want to gather them up to send to Janus.
> -Matt

Our corporate IT folks have been studying enterprise CMS for years.  Our
internal portal has gone from Vignette to Oracle to (probably) JBoss. 
SharePoint is used for a tremendous number of internal collaboration sites.  

Meanwhile, for external use, my small group has been using Plone for over 5
years and its success is starting to catch the attention of corporate

Gotta busy day and will expand in detail later.

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