Personally, I think these t-shirts would work well as prizes, but seem a bit weak as a marketing message for Plone, when standing/sitting in a booth next to more professional/commercial vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle and OpenText. Instead of Plone coming off as a 'hacker-based volunteer project', I'm hoping it has more of a professional brand/feel to those we run into at Gilbane.

At an NTEN conference, where I think things are going to be a bit less corporate and stuffy than Gilbane, but also where IT is a bit more open-source-oriented, I think it would be fine to wear the t-shirts at booths, but at Gilbane, I just think we need a bit more professional/corporate image at the booths, unless your going for the 'something different/hip/cool' angle, but I don't think that plays as well to the corporate IT folks.

I think the attendees of Gilbane are more in the 'Enterprise with a big E' market, and if Plone seems like just a 'cool' tool/project, that isn't going to help it gain adopters and market share away from those considering RedDot, Vignette, Sharepoint, etc.

Just my two (if redundant) cents. That said, I'd love to have some to give away in drawings/give-aways to people who drop off their business cards or who stay awhile to have serious conversations, etc.


Nate Aune wrote:
Thanks Massimo! These look great!

Ken and Scott - do you think we should get some of these t-shirts
printed out for Gilbane to hand out as prizes?

We can also be wearing them so that as people come to the booth, they
can clearly identify who can answer their questions about Plone.

I remember at the NTEN conference, people would come up and it wasn't
clear who was a Plone person and who wasn't, so they would kind of
lurk in the wings.


On Mon, Nov 23, 2009 at 2:02 PM, Massimo Azzolini
<> wrote:
as I said, we're going to share the file for printing the t-shirt we ware at
the ploneconf:
feel free to download them!

On Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 7:39 PM, Massimo Azzolini
<> wrote:
hi all,
for the last ploneconference, we created some t-shirts: "plone is cool" on
the front, some lines of code on the back.
if someone is interested in, we are thinking about sharing the files, so
that you can customize them with your own logo or whatever you want.
we'd like to use a creative common license and to put them somewhere.
irene, which did the work would like to know:
 - which format is better for you? we used adobe illustrator cs4, so any
previous version can be extracted
 - we have a unique big file with all the parts inside, is it better to
have separated files (we have five differente chunks of code)?
what do you think?
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