Joel on software link is also cool when you consider that google wave is kind of groove rebirthed as an open platform.

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Today i googled an old statement of Paul Everitt on marketing focus:

Plone-the-product vs. Plone-the-platform, Joel-on-software edition
Paul wrote:
"strategy" means high-level kinds of questions like:

- What should Plone do well (vs. not worry about doing well)

- Who is it for (vs. not necessarily for)

- What makes it unique (vs. what things are commodity)

- Who are your natural competitors

The whole blog entry is worth a look in the current discussions

There he quotes a very important question made up by Joel Spolsky:

"It's really, really important to figure out if your product is a platform or not, because platforms need to be marketed in a very different way to be successful. That's because a platform needs to appeal to developers first and foremost, not end users.

When talking about marketing activities we should always make clear what audience we are adressing and WHY.

Beneath the main activities we always need to promote "Plone-the- platform" as well, to encourage young professional developers to dive into Python development as a cool best-practise piece of software and "Grow up our developers".


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