On Wed, Dec 16, 2009 at 10:31 AM, Karen Pauley <ka...@martian.org> wrote:
> Gabor mentioned the round-tuits that have been given away at other
> Perl events.  TPF uses these each year at OSCON and I inquired about
> the cost.   We have been paying $70 for 150 of them or $90 for 300.

The first 150 are really expensive (46 c/tuit) but then the rest is 13
sounds reasonable. If we could order a larger batch e.g. 1500 pieces should be
less than 250 USD.
They could be given to our representatives not only on the conferences
where we have a booth but on other events as well.

e.g. I am sure there are going to be Perl hackers on the Australian Linux
Conference (in New Zealand) you mentioned. I added it to our list
of events. If there are people who are ready to be the representatives
we can already give them some of the tuits to hand out.

> I go to quite a few conferences each year and I have been trying to
> think if I have been given anything interesting this year.  At OSDC
> Australia I was given a postcard that was an advert for linux.conf.au
> which is taking place 18th-23rd January next year.

That sounds like a good idea maybe putting the list of YAPCs,
Perl Workshops in  the coming 12 months - at least the ones we
already know about.


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