We have often used post cards for our conferences (OSDC).
Amanda has some of the old art here:


I think they are cheap and an excellent advertising tool.

Mostly though, it is amazingly easy to get other groups to hand them out for 
you. You can post a few around to user groups, conferences, even commercial 
conferences, and generally people are happy to put them in registration bags or 
at the desk.


On 16/12/2009, at 7:31 PM, Karen Pauley wrote:

> Hello,
> (This is a resend of the message I sent 5 days ago.)
> As Gabor mentioned in his welcome message to the list we need to think
> about things that we can give away at the stalls we plan to have at
> the various conferences.
> Gabor mentioned the round-tuits that have been given away at other
> Perl events.  TPF uses these each year at OSCON and I inquired about
> the cost.   We have been paying $70 for 150 of them or $90 for 300.
> I go to quite a few conferences each year and I have been trying to
> think if I have been given anything interesting this year.  At OSDC
> Australia I was given a postcard that was an advert for linux.conf.au
> which is taking place 18th-23rd January next year.
> (The conference web-site is at: http://www.lca2010.org.nz/)
> This was an interesting enough way to let someone like me know about a
> new conference.  It's not heavy, doesn't take up a lot of room, and I
> did bring it back to Tokyo with me.  (Lots of the advertising material
> I am given ends up in the bin before the end of a conference as I
> don't want to carry anything that isn't necessary.)
> Unfortunately I didn't get time to photograph it before started to
> travel again.  When I get home at the end of the month I'll go through
> all the conference bags I got this year and photograph anything
> interesting I find.
> All the best,
> Karen

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