Thanks for the feedback. If you can send me some contact info for O'Reilly, I'd 
appreciate it. I put a signup list on the wiki, but I'm assuming the people who 
can update it is limited.

Where did you host your signup list last year? 



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On Thu, Mar 18, 2010 at 9:55 AM, Karen Pauley <> wrote:

> Hi Gabor,
> On 18 March 2010 23:43, Gabor Szabo <> wrote:
> > I think have read somewhere, maybe on one of these lists that the TPF
> > used to have a booth on OSCON.
> As far as I am aware TPF always has a booth at OSCON.  I know that
> it's had one the last couple of years.
Last year I organized the booth... for some definition of the word organize.

First thing, make sure that someone, I'm guessing that is Dan M., reserves a
booth with O'Reilly. Dan, I'll dig up the name of the person that I talked
with last year and send it to you.

For last years booth I created a couple of handouts: one listing Perl
conferences that were happening in the next year and another listing some
Perl resources. Armed with those, some hard-candy, and some YAPC t-shirts to
hang up for decorations, I stood around the booth and talked to people about
Perl for the duration of the conference.

Overall, it was a decent booth I think... just obviously done on the cheap.

Also, there is a Perl banner that has been present at past OSCONs. It wasn't
around this year and nobody knew where it was. Luckily, O'Reilly had a Perl
banner from one of the first Perl conferences and let me use it.
We auctioned that banner off after the conference though, so we are back to
not having a banner/sign to hang.

> > Can someone point us at information regarding this?
> It's organised internally so I don't know if there is any information
> that I can point to.

I can probably dig up the handouts from last year. I think that I saved
them. They weren't amazingly fancy... a few pictures, a little promo text,
and lists of resources.

> > Are there plans to have a TPF/Perl booth on OSCON this year?
> I haven't seen any discussions about this yet but I imagine we will
> start to plan it before YAPC::NA.
Sounds like there are :) And already more planning has gone into it then
last year!

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