On Aug 27, 2005, at 5:18 AM, Ian Lynch wrote:

On Fri, 2005-08-26 at 22:09 +1000, Jean Hollis Weber wrote:

In Adam's note that started this thread on the Marketing list, he
asked about organising a one-day OOo RegiCon before DLS, but so
far we haven't really addressed that question; we got deflected
into talking about a booth. I'd like to return to the question of
a 1-day RegiCon program.

Jacqueline commented in response to Adam that "there were too few
people able to commit promised resources to the previous event."
If this comment was in reference to the RegiCon itself (the
program of speakers), rather than the booth, then I'm wondering
what "promised resources" were not forthcoming. I wasn't involved
in the program planning for this year's RegiCon, so I don't know
who was involved.

I vaguely remember someone dropping out as a speaker so I took their
place but could be wrong on that one.

I think I had been planning on attending but in the end couldn't, as I was already committed to another conference.

Conference planning is something that several of us (who are not
involved in OOoCon2005) are quite capable of doing, thus not
taking limited resources away from other marketing efforts. Adam
already volunteered to take the initiative and approach Linspire.
I notice in Jacqueline's note that this year's event was referred
to the Community Council because of the controvery about
Linspire. Would the CC need to be involved again, or could
Marketing authorise a RegiCon?

Really need to sort this out before putting a lot of effort in. Is it OK
in principle? Will Linspire provide us the same resource as last year?
When is it? Who can make it? Once we know its feasible then we can start
more detailed plans.

Exactly. So far, no word from Linspire. Last year, you all might recall, we went through a lengthy negotiation with Linspire. Furthermore, the Community Council asked Team OpenOffice.org to help with funding, as we felt at the time that the event could be important.


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