Let me make something clear.  Although I do think that INGOTs is a
great product and I support it whole heartedly, I represent OpenOffice
first and sponsors second.  Let me give you an example.  At the NEA
conference the sponsors were INGOTs and Sub300.  I always pitched
OpenOffice first and then INGOTs then Sub300.  I feel that we need to
predominantly premote OpenOffice, but also promote our sponsors in
someway too.

On 8/27/05, Louis Suarez-Potts <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> On Aug 27, 2005, at 11:58 AM, Adam Moore wrote:
> > Ryan is supposed to look into this.  Ryan, if you don't have the time
> > feel free to give me the contact information and I'll go ahead and
> > make the contacts.  Last year did Linspire approach us for the
> > conference or did we approach them?
> It was complicated.  Linspire basically wanted to offer us a lot in
> exchange, at first, for placing a "button" on our download pages that
> catered to Linspire customers.  I objected, as we are impartial, and
> Michael Robertson, the then CEO, intervened to suggest that Linspire
> offer us a 1/2 day in their DLS.  In prior years, the DLS has been
> seen as a Linspire event, but 2004 was seen as a turning point and
> the event as more inclusive, less a Linspire only thing.
> If Linspire is willing to help fund the effort, and if a team can be
> got together to demonstrate OOo as a product and development space
> (and not just Ingots, however meritorious it may be), then great, we
> should consider it.
> Ciao,
> Louis

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