After sending my previous note, I thought of some more questions regarding the booth at LWE.

Does LWE allow sales of books, CDs, etc at booths? If they do, I suggest that you get some OOo-related books to sell. Books were quite popular at both DLS last year and SCALE this year. We didn't sell a lot, but the income can cover the cost of some other items, like printing brochures and a banner. And of course books are good publicity for OOo.

As I'm sure you know, most commercial publishers will send 5-10 copies of books at no charge for display and distribution at trade show booths, and there are several user-level books available for v2.0 as well as Andrew Pitonyak's _OOo Macros Explained_ (which can be popular at events that developers attend -- we sold 5 copies of it at DLS within a few hours).

Alas, Friends of OpenDocument Inc cannot offer free copies of the two OOoAuthors books, but we can supply copies at the wholesale price. We sold 10 copies of _Getting Started with OOo 2.0_ and 6 of _OOo 2.0 Writer Guide_ at SCALE, and could have sold several more if we'd had them.

Regards, Jean

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