I noticed an issue that somebody might want to look into (or not).

On our production kvm virtual machines, we really run a self built
kernel provided by the kvm host system; the installed kernel in the
virtual machine is dormant. A long time ago I tried to uninstall
kernel-default, but was forced by dependencies to install another
kernel-*. Finally I arrived at having kernel-vanilla installed on all
the VMs.

Now, when updating (zypper dup) with the 3.12 update, zypper tells me
that in addition to kernel-vanilla, kernel-pae needs to be installed.
I don't even have kernel-pae in my repo mirrors, because I exclude all
the non-x86_64 stuff there.

I can workaround this with "zypper in kernel-default -kernel-vanilla",
after that, the kernel-pae is no longer required.

Maybe I'll have a close look at the dependencies, and build myself an
empty kernel-dummy RPM. Any hints on what dependencies such a package
would need to declare (so that the published kernel-* packages would
no longer be required?)

best regards
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