A 22:12 -0400 27/07/99, Hans Moravec a écrit:
>> My view is that it is possible that the isomorphism exists, but I am
>> not convinced that it is guaranteed to exist.  Much information is
>> not recorded in the HLUT - emotional states, alternate answers which
>> were considered and then rejected, etc.  People have been known to
>> keep secrets their entire lives.  Is it guaranteed that every
>> private thought of the original conscious program can be deduced by
>> looking at its responses to all possible conversations?  Maybe there
>> are some programs so closemouthed that no conversation could cause
>> them to reveal their secrets.  In that case I don't see how any
>> amount of study of the HLUT could reveal the full structure of the
>> original program.
>Operations in an alleged original program that don't affect I/O in any
>possible case are just junk, functionally equivalent to null
>operations.  They don't play a role the isomorphism.
>Compiler writers will tell you that computations that have no effect
>at all on I/O behaviour can be optimized out.
>Evolution would be similarly ruthless in deleting structures that have
>no effect on behavior, except to uselessly consume metabolic
>A bad programmer might have included nonsense loops in the original
>program that did nothing but bloat its size and waste execution
>time.  A good programmer or compiler whould clean up such code,
>leaving only the essentials to produce the proper I/O.
>A program reverse-engineered from a HLT might resemble a
>program written by a good programmer.
>But, with or without junk code, all encodings of the same I/O
>behavior are isomorphic.

HLUT is obviously wrong in assuming that there is a "generic way" to pursue
any conversation. When a group of persons start talking together, at a
given point, every people has his own way of answering the others,
determined by one's particular genetic structure, psychology and past
history, that determine (unconsciously) our way of interacting with other
people. HLUT would have to implement all this information (which could be
done of course only for one singular human being), which is however
constantly changing with time, and thus should constantly evolve following
the same laws as a human being...that is being conscious!!


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