A 21:12 -0400 1/08/99, Hans Moravec a écrit:
>> HLUT would have to implement all this information (which could be
>> done of course only for one singular human being), which is however
>> constantly changing with time, and thus should constantly evolve
>> following the same laws as a human being...that is being conscious!!
>> Gilles
>An HLUT is an direct encoding the responses for of every possible
>life of a single, particular person.
>It is a tree where each node represents an instant and
>which branches into different subtrees covering every possible
>input the person could receive at that instant.
>The tree is deep enough to encode all possible lifespans
>of that person.
>As you say, the HLUT is as conscious the human being it encodes.

If you refer to my previous mail, you will agree that HLUT is another
system whose information is enormously larger than that actually stored in
a human brain ( I suspect in fact that it is physically impossible to store
as much information in our Universe). That's a reason to think that HLUT is
NOT conscious (at least that's what I propose !)


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