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> On Sat, 13 May 2000, Alastair Malcolm wrote:
> > One way is to try to establish common ground. For example, many people
> > that 'everything' should only include that which is logically possible
> > round squares are excluded). If this is agreed, then it is reasonable to
> > suppose, as at least a first approximation, that each entity or world
> > exists should be formally describable in some way, in principle.
> This is disappointing.  I think metaphysics can become quite
> boring, but limiting discussions when there is an interest
> seems like a crime.
> I've been showing my friends square circles since I was in
> highschool.  It's all relative perception.

I suggest you read a basic book on logic (ideally including something on
modal logic) to get an idea of what 'logical possibility' is. You'll find it
not so limiting as you seem to think.


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